What Is The Sport Of Dorchester?

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By Toby15 | Thursday, July 01, 2010, 13:29

After England was knocked out of the world cup at the weekend, many concluded that the English are simply not very good at football. Sorry folks. I would like to find out

which sport you all think England is best at, and also which sport Dorchester

is best at?

I heard on

the radio that someone somewhere (apologies for not hearing the name of the

researcher) did a survey of sports in different countries around the world and

found that countries in the southern hemisphere are best built for playing

football. The same research found that the English are actually best built for

handball. Great, what even is that?

So why is it

that football is seen as the most popular sport in our country when we’re not

very good at it? Technically cricket is considered our national sport. Personally

I think we’ve got a pretty good cricket team and it’s also fairly popular, but

I’m open to other suggestions for England’s best sport.

We’re not

doing too badly in Wimbledon I suppose. If only we could have a national team

for egg and spoon or sack races, we’d be well ahead. Maybe we’re best at nettle

eating marathons or croquet. What do you think?


Dorchester we’ve got plenty of sports teams including football, rugby,

athletics, cricket, tennis, gymnastics and many more. We do have a

rather large football stadium but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Dorchester people are

best at football, although it may mean that we are best known for it locally.

Somehow I

think we tend to breed rather large young men in Dorchester compared to the

rest of the country. You only need to go along to a local under 15s rugby game

for your proof. Maybe then, rugby is Dorchester’s sporting strength. Also don't forget we have some pretty good womens teams. What do you think?

What is Dorchester’s sport?



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    Ah! The four legged pub crawl, how could I forget?? Granted, we are pretty good at that. Unfortunately I think it may fall under the same category as egg and spoon races - never to make it to the olympics.

    Cameron - what do you mean if Dorchester had better success...like more funding?

    By Toby15 at 12:00 on 06/07/10

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    Comments made on Facebook:

    Martin Kellaway
    oh yes louise still alive and well. found the thursday before carnival every year.
    02 July at 12:02
    Cameron Marett
    Football given the success of the Magpies - although I've always felt Rugby would take off if Dorchester had better success.
    02 July at 11:55
    Louise Budd
    four legged pub crawl (does it still take place, or am i now showing my age)
    01 July at 14:49
    Tim Wheeler
    01 July at 14:20

    By Beth_Ansell at 11:54 on 06/07/10

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