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  • (1 review)

    Mr Crepe's Cuisine

    1 challacombe square

    Poundbury Dorchester

    DT1 3SX


    Great food :)

    Scrumptious food prepared by lovely people - strongly recommended

  • (6 reviews)

    The King and I Thai

    35 Great Western Road


    DT1 1UF


    Top Notch

    I frequently visit The King & Thai for lunch and dinner. A warm welcome always awaits and whether I am dining with my children or more elegant company(!) we can be assured of finding something on the menu for everyone. The £10...

  • (2 reviews)

    Le Petit Canard

    Dorchester Road

    Maiden Newton


    DT2 0BE


    Loved the experience

    A wonderful dining experience is what I would describe my time at Le Petit Canard. This is definitely one of the little hidden gems of Dorchester. The menu is to die for so much variety you cannot say you werent spoilt!

  • (4 reviews)

    Taste Restaurant

    Trinity Street


    DT1 1UB


    A hidden gem.

    So having walked past 'Taste' a hundred times on my way to work I could cope no more. I had to see what it was like. The good news it that is lovely inside, the staff are great, the prices are reasonable and there breakfast menu...

  • (4 reviews)

    Sienna Restaurant

    36 High West Street


    DT1 1UP


    Top notch dining in Dorch

    I love the Sienna. I find the frontage a bit off-putting, because you can't properly see inside the window from the outside pavement. But if you get over your shyness and venture in, it's a fabulous place to be. I was lucky enough...

  • (4 reviews)

    No 6 restaurant

    6 North Square


    DT1 1HY


    Very pleasant food and staff

    No6 is a simple and straightforward French restaurant in Dorchester. The menu was very nice, with a wide variety of fish dishes, chicken dishes and numerous specialist dishes. The staff are very pleasant and helpful. They also...

  • (4 reviews)


    14 High East Street


    DT1 1HH


    Best Indian in Dorchester

    The Masala restaurant has to be just about the best indian restaurant in Dorchester and I've tried them all. It is traditional and authentic in style and the food has always met my expectations. My favourite dish is "Chicken...

  • (6 reviews)

    The Fodder Room Restaurant

    Honeybrook Farm

    Cranborne Road


    BH21 4JD


    Fodder Room

    A great place to eat, situated at Honeybrook Farm. This family friendly restaurant uses local ingredients to make good hearty English meals, including an excellent full English breakfast. If you're out visiting Honeybrook with...

  • (2 reviews)

    Rajpoot Tandoori Restaurant

    43 High West Street


    DT1 1UT


    Veggie friendly

    This is a very well known Indian restaurant in Dorchester, with a good reputation for great food and good service. It's had a makeover of late, and the prices seem to have gone up but the quality of the food has remained the same...

  • (2 reviews)

    Gurkha Nimto

    1 Alexandra Road


    DT1 2LZ


    Lovely food

    If youre a fan of oriental cuisine then youll love Nimtos rich authentic menu. You can indulge in a buffet or a take way, the food is freshly prepared to give you the ultimate oriental experience. Gurkah is conveniently situated...

  • (8 reviews)

    La Caverna

    57 Icen Way


    DT1 1EW


    La Caverna!

    Had a really lovely meal at La Caverna. It's one of my favourite restaurants in Dorchester and great to take your loved one on Valentine's day #bemyvalentine

  • (2 reviews)

    Case & Brewer

    1 Victoria Road


    DT1 1SB


    A little bit of love!

    The problem is (as with most Fish and Chip shops) is not the cost, size of portion or even quality of ingredients, it's the way in which it's all cooked. EVERY time i get chips form Case and Brewers they are soggy and undercooked....

  • (1 review)

    Bombay Nights

    10 High East Street


    DT1 1HS


    Bombay Nights

    Renowned in Dorchester for over 10 years, Bombay Nights are an Indian takeaway that is open for business 6 days a week preparing delicious curries from a menu with a wide range of traditional and special dishes. Their delivery...

  • (1 review)

    Walnut Grove

    25 Durngate Street


    DT1 1JP


    Home cooked food

    This coffee shop and licensed restaurant is a popular place for home cooked food using locally sourced produce. There is also a fine wine menu. The restaurant has recently been refurbished and is a very good venue for private...

  • (6 reviews)

    The Spice Centre

    37-38 High West Street


    DT1 1UP


    spice centre - dorchester

    I also recommend the spice centre in dorchester, food excellent and sevice second to none, would not dream of going anywhere else, steve and di

  • (3 reviews)

    Potters Cafe Bistro

    19 Durngate Street


    DT1 1JP


    Lovely cafe

    Potters is a lovely cafe situated right bang in the middle of the town centre. Its really close to the railway station. I liked the space in this restaurant which gave it a good atmosphere and overall feel.

  • (9 reviews)

    The Engine Room Restaurant

    Peverell Avenue, Poundbury


    DT1 3RT


    Mr Poundburyman

    Hi, I can safely say that you can now return to the ER. I am a new chef, I have been there for 6 weeks and I have put together 2 new menu's one of which is a la carte. We are open Fri/Sat evenings from 7pm and intend on opening...

  • (1 review)

    Snappy Tomatoes Pizza

    The Forum Centre

    Trinity Street


    DT1 1TT


    Good pizza

    We always order our pizza from Snappys! The Pioneer is our favourite and for the reasonably prices, this is Dorchesters best pizza joint!

  • (1 review)

    Imperial Garden Ltd

    45 High East Street


    DT1 1HU


    imperial garden

    This restaurant not only provided friendly and welcoming service but decent food as well to dine in or to take away. With its beautiful interiors inside it adds to the occasion also. The price is reasonable too but could do with...

  • (0 reviews)

    Thai Nakorn

    34 High West Street


    DT1 1UP

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